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The Semrad Bankruptcy Law Firm

20 S. Clark St., STE 2800, Chicago, IL 60603


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Rob Semrad

Senior Partner

Chicago native Rob Semrad founded the Semrad Bankruptcy Law Firm (formerly Robert J. Semrad & Associates) in 2003. Branded DebtStoppers, the firm became known for its superior client service as well as its aggressive stand against the predatory lending practices plaguing our urban neighborhoods. Semrad's reputation for quality work grew rapidly and Semrad Law soon became Chicago's #1 consumer bankruptcy filer. The firm's Atlanta bankruptcy law branch is one of the top filers in the Northern District of Georgia.

Software Rob developed over recent years of bankruptcy practice has led him to a new  role as  Chairman of Stratus Intelligence, whose bankruptcy practice platform, StratusBK is now being marketed nationally to bankruptcy law firms seeking improved practice performance.

Rob has always believed in giving back to the communities the firm serves and has established the Robert J. Semrad Foundation to carry forward this work. His foundation's work with Pastor Corey Brooks' Project Hood, Highland Park's Project Smile program and its support for iHeart Media's many charitable events represent just a few ways Robert Semrad works to make Chicagoland a better place to live.

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